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Soft Skills for Leaders with Lisa Evans

Feb 22, 2021

A lot of people shy away from leadership positions because they feel they are not outgoing or outspoken enough to be a leader. Because of this, introverts have a hard time identifying themselves as leaders.

Our guest in this episode shares with us why softly and quietly leading is a superpower. With her book, Quietly Powerful Leadership, Megumi Miki spreads the message of how quieter professionals can thrive on their own terms and be comfortable in their own skin.

Join us as we delve into redefining what good leadership looks, sounds, and feels like.

Time Stamps:

  • Cultural conditioning of not speaking up (2:36)
  • Being a naturally quiet person makes it harder to be outspoken (5:33)
  • Softly and quietly leading is a superpower (6:24)
  • Introverts come in all different shapes and sizes (10:25)
  • The Quietly Powerful movement (11:33)
  • Valuing the quieter style of leading (12:22)
  • Challenging the belief of what good leadership looks like (13:07)
  • Key attributes of quietly powerful leaders (14:09)
  • Being comfortable with yourself  (15:28)
  • Being present as a leader (15:35)
  • Desire for purpose instead of desire for power (17:20)
  • Will children be able to celebrate their quietness? (18:20)
  • Appreciating ourselves fully (22:40)
  • Loosening up our definition of strengths and weaknesses (22:50)
  • Adapt purposefully (23:10)
  • Acting out of character (23:35)
  • The power of visualization (24:50)
  • Going back to your purpose (27:06)
  • Operating from a place of values (28:59)

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