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Soft Skills for Leaders with Lisa Evans

Mar 1, 2021

Having experienced several life challenging moments, including saving her husband from a burning house fire shortly after they were married and overcoming a life threatening disease at the age of 33, today’s guest has faced & overcome so much adversity in life. But this never stopped her from setting goals, reaching them, and inspiring others to do the same. 

In this episode of Business Chat, we spoke with global award winning action coach, Suzzanne Laidlaw on her practical tips to growing your business in difficult times.

She combines her powerful life experiences with practical business lessons that she has learned along the way. 

When faced with adversity, you can either stay down or use it as an opportunity to grow and flourish.

Time Stamps:

  • Suzanne’s life-changing event (1:20)
  • The process of healing (6:11)
  • The bigger your why the more motivation you have (9:30)
  • Don’t put yourself last (15:09)
  • You are the best asset of your business (15:25)
  • We all have the same amount of hours each day (16:35)
  • Eliminating self-destructive thoughts and habits (17:15)
  • Being the best version of yourself (18:22)
  • You don’t know what you don’t know (19:13)
  • Getting clarity on our dreams and goals for the future (20:19)
  • Define success on your own terms (20:40)
  • Own your own definition of success (21:45)
  • Our definition of success can change (22:04)
  • How can we plan for the future despite the uncertainty? (22:45)
  • Planning proactively (23:47)
  • Planning for an agile business (24:35)
  • The importance of having a mentor or coach (25:40)
  • Proactively working on business systems and strategies (26:11)

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