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Soft Skills for Leaders with Lisa Evans

Apr 5, 2021

Creating a high-performance environment is an essential building block for businesses. 

Sustainable high performance is when you are in flow and are at your very best. But how can leaders ensure they and their team remains at their very best?

In this episode of Business Chat, I got to speak with professional speaker and trainer, Glenn Capelli, on the factors to find your essence and your flow - the core of a sustainable high performance environment. 

Time Stamps:

  • The accelerator age (4:15)
  • Amazing leadership environments (5:15)
  • Opening up yourself to learning (9:40)
  • Professional speaking (11:30)
  • Leaders in the high performance environment  (14:20)
  • Sustainable high performance (15:35)
  • How to remain at your very best (15:57)
  • Having a sustainable high performance life (16:15)
  • Bringing flow wherever you go (16:40)
  • Having the flow (18:57)
  • Leading with empathy (19:49)
  • Sports and flow (21:41)
  • Bringing flow in every facet of your life (23:40)
  • The core of sustainable high performance environment (25:40)
  • Creating a sense of belonging (26:09)
  • The factors of flow (26:50)
  • Owning your uniqueness (29:11)
  • SOG esteem (30:23)
  • Using our intelligence for the good of others (31:07)
  • Hard and fun goes together (31:25)
  • The importance of intergenerational workplace (31:49)

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