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Soft Skills for Leaders with Lisa Evans

Apr 12, 2021

The traditional model of marketing and sales can feel awkward and inauthentic, especially for entrepreneurs who are introverted. The good news is that there is a different way to do business, sales, and marketing. 

In this episode, I get to speak with the host of the The Gentle Business Revolution Podcast, Sarah Santacroce -  who is changing the current marketing paradigm by creating a global movement that encourages people to bring more empathy and kindness to their business and marketing.

If you want to know more about how to market your business the gentle way and be your most authentic self, join me in this episode. 

Time Stamps:

  • Using LinkedIn and social media as an introvert (4:30) 
  • Feeling like you don’t belong in business and entrepreneurship (5:39)
  • There is a different way to do business and marketing (6:03)
  • “I hate marketing” (6:56)
  • Why do people hate marketing so much? (7:25)
  • Being your authentic self in marketing (8:20)
  • Ditching the “shoulds” (9:30)
  • Hyped marketing techniques (10:37)
  • Selling more without giving value (11:10)
  • The fear of rejection (12:50)
  • Marketing on your own terms (13:05)
  • Not buying, out of fear (13:25)
  • Female entrepreneurs using the gentle marketing approach (16:05)
  • The triple win (17:00)
  • Personal development and pragmatic business advice (17:29)
  • Doing vs being (17:50)
  • Doing the inner work before getting into sales and marketing (19:40)
  • Your marketing superpower (20:55)

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