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Soft Skills for Leaders with Lisa Evans

Apr 19, 2021

There is no organisation that is bulletproof from crisis and incidents. But, these challenges present opportunities for growth and innovation. The systems that are put in place today will help companies emerge even stronger. 

In today’s episode, we get to chat with the director of Emergency Preparedness Services (EPS), Dave Greenberg, AKA “Rescue Dave”. He shares how a team with a TRUST Culture can be more cohesive and effective. It is essential to have trust in your team, in the resources, in the systems, in your team’s technical ability, and trust in yourself.

By strengthening your culture of TRUST, not only can you build a solid team but also help you prepare for any crisis your organisation may face. 

Time Stamps:

  • Dave’s journey in emergency services (3:20) 
  • The mindset to have in an emergency (10:50)
  • Don’t let the adrenaline take over (12:20)
  • Understanding what your people are going through (14:55)
  • The strong bond of the emergency services team (16:07)
  • The end of Dave’s corporate career (16:40)
  • Soft skills that make up a great emergency team (26:15)
  • TRUST: Team, Resources, U - Yourself, Systems, Technical Ability  (26:44)
  • Leaving a legacy (33:10)

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