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Soft Skills for Leaders with Lisa Evans

Oct 4, 2021

Managing a business is like weaving through various interpersonal relationships. These relationships can make or break a company; either the leader will get a team that is filled with tension or one that takes ownership.

A team that is not performing well could lead to business and personal relationship failure. This can cause a number of issues including stress, absenteeism, anxiety and depression. Employees will have to work longer in a more stressful environment as well as spending less time with their friends and families.

In this episode, I chat with Andrew Bull, a business and life strategist. We discuss why having outstanding team performance is the true foundation of success. Andrew shares his Interstellar Way of Life philosophy where every single member of the team (leader included) takes ownership of their actions. 

When the team incorporates ownership, employees become engaged, they develop the right mindset, and they are able to perform at a high level.

Time Stamps:

  • Andrew’s career journey in the film industry (01:57)
  • The Interstellar Way of Life (05:35)
  • What makes a team underperform? (07:45)
  • The qualities of a winning team (12:05)
  • How do leaders continue to motivate the team (14:37)
  • The importance of reward and recognition (17:45)
  • The GRO.W.L system (19:47)
  • The value of self-care (22:57)

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