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Soft Skills for Leaders with Lisa Evans

Oct 11, 2021

We’ll have a bit of a twist in our episode. Instead of interviewing amazing guests, I was given a wonderful opportunity to talk about my great love, workshop facilitation.

This episode was first heard in the First Time Facilitator podcast, which is hosted by Leanne Hughes. Leanne is a Chief Engagement Officer that shares the same passion of workshop and training facilitation. 

Together, we take part in a conversation that lets listeners get a glimpse of my adventure; embracing a career change at the age of 40, providing valuable facilitation tips and assisting business owners who want to tell better stories. 

Whether you are a new facilitator testing the waters or an expert looking for ways to add more value to your clients, tune in as I drop jam-packed information in an episode that you surely don’t want to miss.

Time Stamps:

  • My journey to workshop facilitation (05:16)
  • The usual obstacles that prevent people from sharing ideas (11:09)
  • The power of being an introvert in public speaking (12:40)
  • How I design workshop materials to ensure they’re custom-fit (16:27)
  • Increasing/Decreasing the facilitator’s energy (20:20)
  • Facilitating workshops/trainings during the pandemic (23:10)
  • Advice for first time facilitators (32:35)

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