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Soft Skills for Leaders with Lisa Evans

Nov 8, 2021

Leaders need to establish trust in their organizations by encouraging an individual’s being and doing.

In this episode, I have a lovely chat with Conor O’Malley an executive coach, author, speaker, and a self-proclaimed CEO’s caddy. We tackle the top tips on trusting leaders.

For Conor, trust is an assessment, and through his R.I.S.C.C.C factors, business executives can evaluate if they are instituting trust within the organization.

People may find themselves consistently asking “How do I trust you? Or how do I trust me?” The only answer to this is - trust begins and ends with the self. It’s a consistent commitment to perform self-assessment.

When leaders constantly assess themselves they become more clear, they learn the art of asking questions and the company’s input is always better. They develop both the vulnerability and the courage to lead their people in climbing the ladder of success. 

Time Stamps:

  • Conor's background story (02:20)
  • The moment that pushed him to make the big switch (04:10)
  • Leaders as coaches (06:53) 
  • Ways of being and ways of doing (08:11)
  • Trust in leadership in the present (11:25)
  • The R.I.S.C.C.C factors of trust (12:22)
  • The impacts of the lack of trust (17:00)
  • How to establish trust (24:37)
  • Ways to fix broken trust (28:50)
  • The pandemic's effect on trust in leadership (31:15)

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