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Soft Skills for Leaders with Lisa Evans

Dec 13, 2021

LinkedIn has become the number one professional networking platform. It’s no wonder that business owners turn to LinkedIn to create more exposure and engagement with their target audience.

In this episode, I chat with Nathanial Bibby who has been on LinkedIn for 10 years. Nathanial shares how leaders can get the most out of LinkedIn for their business success.

He shares effective ways on how leaders can deliver value by maximizing what LinkedIn has to offer. Surprising as it may sound, leaders should not aim to go viral with every content they post.

One of the things that leaders should focus on is checking they have a quality network on their LinkedIn profile. This should consist of people they consider as ideal clients.  

The second thing that leaders should consider is putting out content that greatly resonates with their audience. They should be mindful of people’s time and make sure that their content is delivering either education, information, inspiration, entertainment, or all combined. 

Furthermore, Nathanial mentioned leaders should get rid of the “it’s all about me” mentality. Instead of talking about how great your business is, discuss your clients’ successes or how people made their way to success.  

LinkedIn itself will not be able to boost your business to success, you have to think of ways to get engagement with people. As Nathanial suggested, you have to implement simple strategies that encourage engagement. An example of this is posting polls that don’t take too much time to read and analyze.

If your posts are constantly getting a good number of engagement, in return, LinkedIn helps you get more exposure. Also, if you’re getting a lot of conversations in the inbox, it’s helping your content to get more noticed.

When entrepreneurs know how to take advantage of how LinkedIn can help their business, they are laying the first stone for their business success.

Time Stamps:

  • Nathanial's journey into a marketing career (02:18)
  • How can leaders add value on LinkedIn (07:07) 
  • The best ways to craft customised invitations (10:32) 
  • The difference between Free vs Paid LinkedIn Accounts (17:08) 
  • What is the best method for content marketing? (21:40)
  • How does Nathanial help his clients? (25:55)

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