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Soft Skills for Leaders with Lisa Evans

Dec 27, 2021

Time indeed flies fast when you are having fun. This is the perfect description of how Lisa feels about her podcasting journey. 

In this mini-episode, Lisa shares the awesome lessons from podcasting that she gained from the time she started the Business Chat podcast. 

She mentions that podcasting has given her the ability to learn new things and meet people across the globe. Through her learnings, she can share valuable resources with her clients.

Although podcasting is a fun avenue for Lisa to get value from her guests, this never undermined the fact that it was still hard work. Podcasting requires having the right systems and processes in place and for the wrong person, this may feel like a chore.

There will come a time when podcasting will feel like too much work and the efforts outweigh the benefits. Having a supportive podcast tribe or community is key to continuing enjoying podcasting.

Another thing that Lisa emphasized is why the metrics are not as significant as the connections and creating valuable content. For any person who wants to start his podcasting journey, there will be days when the numbers are low, but keep going because it’s going to be worth it.

Furthermore, Lisa shares the significance of choosing guests wisely. She’s always grateful when guests with valuable insights and topics to share say yes to be on the Business Chat podcast.

Overall, Lisa learned the value of never giving up and constantly uploading exceptional podcast episodes. Doing so, allows her to share valuable content that generates a positive impact on listeners from all over the world. 

Time Stamps:

  • Awesome things about podcasting (01:32)
  • Learning new things (01:40)
  • Having the ability to meet people from different parts of the world (02:22) 
  • Being able to share various resources (02:55)
  • Lisa never realized the hard work that comes with podcasting (03:17)
  • The metrics are not as important as connections and valuable content (03:33)
  • Advantages of being in a podcast community (04:02)
  • Podcasting gave rise to more speaking and business opportunities (04:12)

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