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Soft Skills for Leaders with Lisa Evans

Jan 10, 2022

It’s the beginning of the year and most of us are very enthusiastic about setting our goals. This seems like an ordinary circumstance when we welcome the new year but not all of us have the passion and commitment to stick to our goals and make them a reality.

There are many reasons why we never achieve our objectives, but the main cause is we’re not clear on how we want to do it. We often write goals that are too broad and general, yet we fail to look at the specifics needed to fulfill them.

In this episode, I have a compelling conversation with Leanne about how a bucket list can help you to live a purpose-filled life. Leanne wears many hats, she is a Certified Bucket List Coach, podcast host, speaker, and author.

For Leanne, a bucket list is not always about being able to travel, facing challenges, or about the grand things. It’s a list that motivates you to wake up every single day and work on the small things.

In this day and age, it has become a normal phenomenon to worry about what tomorrow will bring. These worries steal from us the ability to enjoy and live our life now.

Leanne mentions that the beauty of having a bucket list, allows us to prioritize how we want to live our lives, enjoy the present, and know the things that will bring us closer to our purpose and happiness. 

The first step to achieving what’s on our bucket list is doing one thing that will help you move toward your goal. You can perform small steps on a daily or weekly basis. Doing so makes your bucket list less overwhelming, and you develop the confidence that you can actually accomplish your goals.

Leanne executes her process of brain-dumping by getting all the big ideas and listing down the steps she needs to do. This strategy allows her to look at the big picture and the tiny details that she can either tweak and improve that will lead her to achieve her goal and true purpose.

Time Stamps:

  • Leanne's journey into being a bucket list coach (01:58)
  • How does having a bucket list help us live a life with a purpose (05:55)
  • The importance of knowing your life priorities (07:35)
  • Reasons why you need to start small with your bucket list? (13:12)
  • How does a bucket list help business owners become successful (14:40)
  • Differences between a bucket list and a regular daily to-do list (16:03)
  • Where do we often go wrong with our goal setting? (20:02)
  • What is the best approach to setting goals? (21:35)

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