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Soft Skills for Leaders with Lisa Evans

Mar 21, 2022

Introversion is a strength, one that can be harnessed and used as both a professional and personal skill. Introverts are also able to observe more and through this, they’re able to create great quality data and evaluations. In this episode of the Business Chat Podcast, I have a fascinating conversation with a fellow introvert, Jon Yeo. He is the National President for Professional Speakers Australia and the licensee and Head Curator of TEDxMelbourne.

Jon speaks about his journey towards discovering his superpower - introversion and using this to his professional advantage. Being an observer, he comes up with lots of ideas from the data and patterns he sees.

Through data, analysis Jon is able to help leaders to build trust, empathy, and engagement.

Time Stamps:

  • Jon's entrepreneurial journey (01:47)
  • Introversion is a superpower (02:50)
  • Ways leaders can become engaging and influential (06:07)
  • How Jon uses data and research in his work (07:30)
  • The ultimate sign that people are disengaged (10:30)
  • How Jon uses data to increase own engagement (11:35)
  • Top tips that make a great TEDx Talk (13:50)
  • Jon's advice for someone starting in the speaking industry (18:10)
  • The legacy he hopes to leave (19:22)

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