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Soft Skills for Leaders with Lisa Evans

Jun 13, 2022

Expert and authority may seem similar, but as I discovered when chatting with Petra Zink, there is a key difference. 

Petra is an author and founder of impaCCCt and The 360 Talent Co. She speaks about how experts and authorities help business owners with their problems. 

The key difference between them is the level of trust they gain from clients. Experts know how to solve problems while an authority strives to generate deeper connections and commonalities through story-telling and analogies.

Time Stamps:

  • Petra's entrepreneurial journey (03:30)
  • Her niche and vision for the business (06:15)
  • The difference between an expert and an authority (11:52)
  • How do we find our position in the industry? (15:35)
  • The three Cs in Impaccct (19:08)
  • How can we attract the right people for the business? (21:35)

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Grab a copy of Petra’s book, Trusted Authority: From Technical Expert to Trusted Authority: Go from Unknown to Known here.

Listen to Petra’s podcast, Your Brand. Your Future. Here

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