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Soft Skills for Leaders with Lisa Evans

Jun 27, 2022

There has been a major shift in business expectations from consumers who call for brands to be socially and environmentally responsible. People are not just blindly buying products and services, but often make the effort to research how businesses treat their employees, if they have environmental programs, or how they create a positive impact on their community. 

In this episode, I speak with Michael, founder of ToBe Advisory. He believes that businesses can make a difference if they focus on profitability, sustainability and impact.

Michael shares the best ways to impart a genuinely positive impact and how he helps companies address social and environmental challenges, so they can be the difference they want to see in the world.  

Time Stamps:

  • Michael's entrepreneurial journey (00:32)
  • Shared value - what is it and its impact (02:07)
  • How to genuinely demonstrate a positive impact (07:13)
  • Aligning individual purpose to make the world better (12:18)
  • The B-corp certification journey (13:44)
  • Tips for businesses that want to make a difference (21:15)

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