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Soft Skills for Leaders with Lisa Evans

May 28, 2023

On this episode of Soft Skills for Leaders, my guest is Linda O'Farrell.

We discuss the importance of organisational culture and well-being in the workplace. Linda shares her insights on the challenges faced by leaders, the need for high-energy and low-energy spaces, and the importance of creating meaning and purpose for oneself and others.

We delve into the necessity of building inclusion and holding well-being days for teams. Tune in to learn more about the soft skills necessary for successful leadership.


[00:04:33] Navigating Challenges in a Complex World
[00:08:36] Feeling the Buzz: Signs of a Great Organisation
[00:10:50] Creating Cultures Where Everybody Matters
[00:18:00] Designing Well-being: The Next Frontier for Organisations
[00:25:35] The Downside of Open Plan Offices
[00:29:28] Leading with Purpose: Creating Vision and Impact
[00:32:17] Embracing Change: Facing Challenges and Evolving
[00:37:16] Embracing Change: How to Find Inner Guidance
[00:39:23] Maximising Growth: Coaching, Culture, and Community
[00:41:53] Soft Skills: Empathy, Resilience, and Communication

Talking Points

Episode Summary: Building a Culture Where Everyone Matters

  • The Importance of Good Organizational Culture
    - Challenges Faced by Leaders in Today's World
    - Reflection and Changing Our Environment with Inner Guidance
    - Assessing Our Beliefs and Behaviors to Create a Culture Where Everyone Matters
    - Purpose as Essential for Success
    - Embracing Change When Necessary
    - Dedicated Quiet Spaces in the Workplace
    - Soft Skills for Leaders: Empathy, Resilience, and Communication
    - Encouraging Inclusion by Giving Everyone an Opportunity to Speak
    - Wellbeing as an Engineered Component of Organizational Culture.

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