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Soft Skills for Leaders with Lisa Evans

Apr 9, 2024

Welcome to "Soft Skills for Leaders," the podcast where we explore the critical skills needed for leadership.

In this episode, our host Lisa Evans sits down with resilience expert Michael Licenblat, author of "Pressure Proof," to delve into the importance of resilience in business.

Michael shares his journey of overcoming setbacks and rejection in building a successful natural therapy business, drawing from his background in psychology, shiatsu therapy, and martial arts.

Join us as Michael discusses the evolving challenges faced by leaders in a rapidly changing business landscape, emphasising the need for psychological safety, effective communication, and nurturing talent in teams.

We'll also explore the significance of self-care for resilient leaders, and Michael shares his recommendations for developing leadership skills, including resources for inspiration and personal growth.

Tune in as we uncover the key principles behind building resilient teams and discover valuable insights from Michael's experience. This episode is packed with practical tips and thought-provoking ideas to equip leaders with the skills needed to thrive in today's dynamic business environment.


00:00 Parents taught business, resilience; important in life.
06:42 Trust your gut: essential for success.
07:24 Stay resilient, trust yourself, and overcome challenges boldly.
10:28 Bounce back fast from setbacks and recover quickly.
14:59 Embed resilient practice in teams for success.
19:18 Leaders sustain energy and improve team effectiveness.
21:07 Loss of control during COVID-induced anxiety.
24:14 Work with high-performing teams under pressure.
27:17 Vocal, grounded entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk inspires listeners.
29:39 Comedy journey: resilience, rejection, perfecting material, persistence.
33:38 Visit or to start.

Why Listen?

In this episode, resilience expert Michael Licenblat offers practical tips for building resilient teams in today’s rapidly changing business landscape. Listeners will gain valuable insights on fostering psychological safety, sustaining talent, and developing critical leadership skills.

Talking Points

- Michael's journey of resilience in business, drawing on entrepreneurship, natural therapy, and martial arts.
- The evolving challenges in business, including AI, intellectual property theft, fake news, and influences.
- The importance of creating psychological safety in teams through honest feedback and coaching through change.
- The role of leaders in sustaining talent by managing individuals' energy and output.
- The crucial role of communication and emotional intelligence during times of major change.
- Resources for developing leadership skills, including podcasts and autobiographies.
- The relevance of stand-up comedians' resilience in their careers.
- Practical strategies for building resilient teams, such as repurposing pressure and fostering space for failure.

The Top 3 Takeaways 

1. The importance of resilience in business: Michael Licenblat shares insights into the critical role resilience plays in navigating the rapidly changing landscape of business, particularly in the face of challenges such as AI, intellectual property theft, and fake news.

2. Strategies for building resilient teams: Listeners can gain valuable knowledge on developing resilient teams by focusing on skills such as decision-making, tenacity, empowerment, and coaching through change. This is essential for sustaining talent and encouraging growth in the face of adversity.

3. Resources for personal and professional development: Michael recommends resources such as Gary Vaynerchuk's podcast and autobiographies of comedians as tools for cultivating resilience and inspiration. 

These takeaways provide actionable insights for leaders looking to enhance resilience and adaptability within their business or team.

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