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Soft Skills for Leaders with Lisa Evans

Mar 22, 2021

Do you have a clear purpose, one that guides you and drives you in all that you do? How do we plan for today and into the future with all of the uncertainty? 

In this episode, we speak with Dave Clare, founder of Circle Leadership Global. Dave helps leaders evolve themselves and their business to stay relevant in the hearts and minds of the people they choose to serve.

In this conversation Dave shares with us his insights on values-driven leadership in business and about the importance of having clear expectations and goals, how to plan when faced with constant uncertainty, and the importance of staying true to your values. We also delve into when and what to outsource to free yourself to spend more time doing the things you are best at. 

Let’s dive in. 

Time Stamps:

  • How do we plan for today and into the future with all the uncertainty (2:27)
  • Responding instead of reacting (3:00)
  • Growth can be at the end of a business too (4:200)
  • Business can take over your life (4:50)
  • Mapping out a business strategy (5:33)
  • How to plan for the future (5:50)
  • Finding certainty in the uncertainty (7:05)
  • Lack of accountability is a leadership issue (8:37)
  • FAST Execution (9:48)
  • System of accountability (10:05)
  • Responsibility: Ability to respond to what’s happening (12:40)
  • Finding an accountability buddy (13:15)
  • Goals vs systems (15:3)
  • The importance of delegating (16:23)
  • JTIMD: Jobs that I must do (17:00)
  • Why don’t we delegate? (17:40)
  • The more you let go, the more you are in control (19:55)
  • How to stand out in this noisy world (20:41)
  • What is your essence? (23:35)
  • Understanding your values (25:14)
  • Simplifying your life by doing less (30:00)
  • Legacy creation (31:51)

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