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Soft Skills for Leaders with Lisa Evans

Dec 20, 2021

Leaders who know how to communicate well with their team have one thing in common; they achieve substantial success within their companies.

In this episode, I enjoy an amazing conversation with Chris Huet. Chris is a communications consultant, mentor, speaker, poet, and a former fighter pilot.

Chris has been using the power of words to help leaders deliver their message effectively.

He discovered his purpose in life while speaking a poem and an old, gentle lady approached and asked him, “how are you going to use your poetry to change the world?” It dawned on Chris that it’s possible to have an impact on others by using words.

Throughout his career changes, from a fighter pilot to a poet to a communications consultant, he realized that there was a common link. He was using communication to change not only his life but also the world.

Being in the air force taught him that communication needs to have a structure. It needs to be prepared and assessed. While his gig as a poet encouraged him to explore the creative areas of communication.

Communication doesn't have to be rigid all the time. How we communicate changes according to the kind of people we speak to and this helps us get our best intentions across.

In this time of uncertainty, Chris is helping leaders communicate well with their team. There is less opportunity to connect and communicate as employees are working remotely. 

Chris sees this as a challenge for leaders to step up and turn inwards and see what they can do to strengthen the relationship.

He also encourages leaders to take part in difficult, uncomfortable conversations. With the help of his C.O.C.K.P.I.T. framework, leaders develop effective communication strategies that help build trust in the long term.

Time Stamps:

  • Chris' journey from fighter pilot to a poet to communications consultant (01:52)
  • How he deals with communication under pressure (04:02)
  • How does communication translate into leadership? (05:25)
  • Communication challenges for leaders right now (07:47)
  • Non-verbal communication in the workplace (09:25)
  • Why leaders need to engage with their team (11:50)
  • The C.O.C.K.P.I.T. framework (12:41)
  • The outcomes of having communication breakdown (14:45)
  • How does Chris work with and help people (16:15)
  • Chris’ passion for the poetry scene (17:21)

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